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Transforming construction, with equitable access for women and minority contractors.

The Ferdi exterior company offers unmatched upward mobility, with a direct path from worker to owner. In order to open this path to everyone, we actively seek contractor firms owned by women and minorities, and we work tirelessly to help them succeed. Today, these firms make up 11% of our network. That number is constantly growing, and includes many of our most skilled and successful general contractors.

Transforming construction
Transforming construction

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Transforming construction

At Ferdi Exteriors, We Want to Make Your Vision for Your Home a Reality!

We Want to Make Your Vision for Your Home a Reality!

About Us

Ferdi Exteriors is a premier construction company in Kirkland, Washington. We specialize in roofing, siding, Exterior painting, Custom Deck. We strive to go beyond our customer's expectation. Our mission is to combined knowledge and work ethics to provide the best home/business exterior services.

We owe our success to our amazing and loyal customers. Our work is a reflection of our skill combined with a heart for our customers. For all of your home’s Exterior projects, Ferdi Exteriors has got you covered. Ferdi Exteriors is here to help.

The fulfillment that comes with each complete project and the satisfaction of happy clients/customer alone inspires the leadership in our company.

Our History | ESTABLISHED 2017

We Have Worked With Roofing
and Waterproofing Contractors,
Siding Installers, Painters

Ferdi Exteriors was established in 2017 with many years of experience from working various construction aspects under our belt. We are skilled in Roofing/Waterproofing, Siding and exterior painting, and custom deck design, building.

Located in Kirkland, Washington out team offers professional and reliable roof installation, roof repair, siding installation, siding repair, deck installation, deck repair, wood flooring installation, exterior house painting, interior house painting, door and window repair, custom decks, and more.

Roofing and Waterproofing Contractors, Siding Installers, Painters
Roofing and Waterproofing Contractors

Our company has been blessed by continuing to grow through each satisfied customer. Call on us and you too will be happy with our work.

- JD, Founder and Owner

Roof Renovation

Our Re-roofing/roof repair/waterproofing is literary unmatched in our market. From begin to end, a stream lined process that takes away the burden of dealing with the most important aspect of a home.

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